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Welcome to the MedSolutions Online-Services Portal

This portal was created to enable Providers, Facility Networks, Members and Health Plans to access information they need as they interact with members of our clinical professional team.

About MedSolutions

MedSolutions’ experienced clinical professionals, across 20 specialties and sub-specialties, are committed to supporting the providers within our healthcare clients’ networks in improving the quality and consistency of care for members in the areas of diagnostic testing and imaging management.

Recently, CareCore National and MedSolutions agreed to a merger that brings together two of the leading Specialty Benefit Management companies.  This combination allows for two complementary businesses to jointly develop a broader portfolio of innovative and efficient solutions that improve quality of care.  Together, we already help millions of patients receive better quality healthcare.

To learn more about the CareCore and MedSolutions merger, please click on the link below:

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Welcome to MedSolutions Online Services

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